We are looking for importers able to distribute the Mingolo wine  in Germany - Sweden - China, Hong Kong, Vietnam.

Please contact us at: contact@getapple.co.uk.

Where is the world going and how? Why is the most important aspect for everyone, not just the business, how will we reach the third millennium? That is why we have new ideas to live better, to take part in the course of life, for a better future for our children and grandchildren. The world will not enter another dimension until we are ready.


The global mega-trends like the growing world population, the increasing percentage of elderly persons, the rising demand for energy and raw materials, as well as climate protection are creating new global challenges. Identifying tomorrow’s market opportunities. The global Scouting and Incubation team of GETAPPLE CONSULTING identifies new business areas and market opportunities outside existing businesses and assesses how the company’s expertise may contribute to the development of NEW business areas. 


​refers to the provision of Information, analysis and associated services in the field of international politics and economics, with the aim of providing a better understanding of the risks and opportunities facing businesses, governments and other groups.
Businesses need vision. We'll provide one along with the steps to get there.

GETAPPLE CONSULTING LTD  is a reliable trader and supplier of a wide range of commodities to industrial and financial consumers globally. Trading is at the heart of GetApple’s operations. Our company was built upon the successful trading of fast moving consumers goods, which enabled us to invest in talent and expertise in new areas to steadily diversify into a fully integrated company. GetApple’s partners and customers rely on us because of our track record for properly mitigating risk and for being able to formulate creative and effective solutions that deliver.

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We can help companies identify the best countries to target their exporting efforts. Companies can gauge the size of the market for their product as well as develop a price strategy to become competitive.

When you need goods/services, your needs must be identified in order to choose which type of service or product will fit best. Then the buyer needs to find them at the best quality for the best price while also making sure the supplier is able to deliver.

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Our consultants' experience spans all tradings, from FMCG to Commodity industries and more. Clear chain of command in order to achieve accountability and define measurable objectives for the team. Then you should consistently and transparently follow up on those objectives. Keep all involved parties well informed about the processes, including bench marking and reporting. This means they should be clearly visible and not done behind someone’s back.


Is a key factor to running a successful company because it helps you meet business goals and live up to stakeholders' expectation. Since the Internet has become all encompassing and information now moves extremely fast, procurement management can be done far more efficiently than in the past when it was mainly done through a combination of phone calls, snail mail, email and fax.